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An independent service, repair and MOT garage in Witney, D&A Autos carries out car repairs, car servicing, MOT preparation and all other garage services for motorists in Oxfordshire. Many of our customers from Banbury and the surrounding areas also come to us for specialist Volvo repairs and Volvo servicing, for which we are renowned for. If you need to get your car roadworthy for winter or are interested in used car sales, call us now.


On this page, we look at the best ways of keeping your Volvo performing well over the winter months. As the days grows shorter and temperatures drop, conditions on the roads worsen and it is important to make sure you have a safe and roadworthy vehicle. If you would like our Volvo specialists to take a look at your car, do not hesitate to bring it to our MOT garage in Witney, not far from the Banbury area. Same-day appointments are often available for car servicing and MOT preparation.


3 Key Ways to Look After Your Volvo Over Winter


1. Replace worn tyres


Tyre safety is essential all year round and even more during winter. If the tread depth of your tyres is low, they lose their grip on the road and this increases the chance of an accident occurring, especially in cold or wet weather conditions. Although the legal minimum tread depth in the UK is 1.6mm, we recommend having a tyre changed when it reaches a tread depth of 3mm as grip rapidly deteriorates. Book tyre garage services today, to avoid accidents and major car repairs from being needed. We also have used car sales.


2. Book Volvo servicing


Get an annual service carried out to help keep your car reliable and safe on winter roads. Full car servicing involves topping-up essential fluid levels such as oil, windscreen wash and antifreeze. Your car’s lights will also be checked, another essential for winter driving. At D&A Autos near Banbury, we can carry out MOT preparation at the same time as Volvo servicing if required. If any faults are found, our technicians will explain what is needed and provide you with a quote for Volvo repairs. These can often be completed on the same day.


3. Don’t ignore warning lights


If you have a modern Volvo model it will be fitted with an engine control unit known as the ECU. This is an electronic device that monitors the performance of key parts in your vehicle to ensure optimal performance. If a problem is detected, a warning light will appear on your dashboard when you switch your car on or whilst you are driving. Depending on the level of warning, you may need over straight away for safety reasons and get in touch with a local repair and MOT garage like D&A Autos for Volvo repairs and other garage services.


Other warnings, such as low tyre pressure, indicate that something needs rectifying but not immediately. These are the ones that are most often ignored for too long and can result in more major car repairs being required if left. To keep your Volvo in the best condition, always address warning lights straight away. It can save you money and keep you safe.


Tips for driving on wintery roads:


  • Slow down before turning a corner and avoid accelerating while turning the corner
  • Make sure to always drive with two hands on the steering wheel for better control
  • Go steady and avoid switching lanes on roads with a lot of snowfall on the ground
  • Keep a longer distance between you and the car in front on icy roads (8x more)


How Can D&A Autos Help?


Here at our service, repair and MOT garage near Banbury, our professional team of highly trained technicians carry out all types of garage services. As well carrying out Volvo repairs and Volvo servicing, we are also happy to maintain and repair vehicles of other makes and models. Customers in Oxfordshire can also visit our centre for affordable used car sales.


If you are worried about driving your vehicle during bad winter weather, do not hesitate to bring it to our garage where we can check it over. Only necessary car repairs are recommended and a free quote will be given at no-obligation. We can also book your vehicle in for car servicing and MOT preparation, should they be starting to run out.

Call our MOT garage today on 01993 700545 for car servicing, car repairs, MOT preparation, used car sales and other garage services. Our garage is based in Witney, close to Banbury.

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